Loading/Unloading of drilling equipment Matfor

 Wood boxes of drilling bits loaded in a container 20ft

 Loading ramp for container

 Drill Collars ready to be sent

Loading of Drill Collar in a container 40ft

Casing string for water well ready to load

 Loading of casing Ø13-3/8″ on a platform-truck with high side stakes

 Loading of casing Ø13-3/8″ in a taut-liner

 Bulk of Drill Pipes ready to load

Loading of Drill Collar  with groupage expedition after thread repair

Loading of a plateform truck for micropiling foundations , then loading of 2 complete trucks of tubing

 Tubing for thread-manufacturer in a taut-liner truck

Wheighing on the weighbridge of a delivery of used stell pipes

 Weight control of a loading of pipes for micropiling  and casing cuts for construction site

 Bundles of casing cuts

Preparation of New Rock Bits in boxes

 Shipping of new Roller Bits

 On-going preparation of Rebuilt bits on a Europe pallet

 Courier shipping of to 2 Underreamers and 1 Drill Bit on a Europe pallet

Courier shipping of an Rerun insert drill bit on a half-pallet

 Shipment of stabilizer out of gauge of pallet Europe

 Shipment of Underreamer, Cross-over and Rebuilt drill bit on a halfpallet for courier


 Wood box for airlift shipment

 Shipment of a Rebuilt tool Ø22″with teeth  and  Ø12-1/4″ with teeth

 Roller Bit Ø36″ with teeth and her Bit Breaker

 Shipment of american Drill Bits

Wood boxes for sealift expedition

 Drill Bit Ø9-7/8″ Milled Tooth for a special shipment on site (taxi)

 Courrier shipment of various drilling Equipment

 Courrier shipment of Pilling Bits Ø190-200mm

Construction Bit (Lost In Hole Bits) in wood boxes for shipment by groupage (unit weight of manutention > 1200 kg)

 Drag Bit Ø9-7/8″, the unit can be shippped by express courrier (only available when package <30 kg)

 Travel boxes for PDC bits