12-1/4’’ Rock Bit coming from our warehouse going to your drilling sites ready for departure ! Your order is about to arrive !


Matfor, your source for stabilizers

New, Unused or second hand, Matfor provides stabilizers integral, spiral welded or straight from 3-7/8’’ to 36’. Give us a call !

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Our team would be pleased to give our support to the development of your drilling projects and in particular, by providing tubing and casing, drill collars and drill pipes.

  • New or Used
  • All sizes, thicknesses, lengths and grades available (JK55, NL80,P110, S135 …)
  • EU, NU, VAM, BTC connections


Since Matfor was created in 1986, our company has always dedicated itself to meeting our customer’s requirements. How grateful we are to notice that many of you keep on trusting in Matfor’s skills to help you and carry out your projects!

Today, our team is organizing, on behalf of one of our long-time and very faithful clients, the shipment of a 20 FT container for his last order. Tomorrow, it might be your turn!

Dragbits : The alternative to Rock Bits in soft formation

The Insert carbide Drag Bit is generally used for foundations, anchors, water or geotechnical drilling operations . It offers benefits such as :

  • Ease of use
  • Greater efficiency in soft formations
  • Low prices

Available from 2-7/8 to 17 1/2, Step or chevron profiles, to be screwed or welded (with or without connection), 3, 4 or 6 blades : Please contact us  anytime  for a suitable solution.

Matfor can provide you with a wide range of thread protectors !

You know Matfor as a bit and pipe provider but we also supply an extended range of drilling accessories ! Today we offer API and OCTG plastic thread protectors to prevent damage from handling, storing and transporting your drill pipe, tubing & casing.

Available from stock, API REG & IF thread caps ranging from 2-3/8’’ to 7-5/8’’. For any  other request, please call us !

♻ Environmental friendly : Matfor  offers to  collect your used plastic protectors for the recycling process.  We can test, clean for re-use or recycle through a specialised partner company.