Roller Bit

Matfor provides  drill bits from oil industry for all applications  : oil and gas, directional drilling, mining, water wells, geothermy, geotechnic, building construction (foundations)

This Equipment is available in sizes from 2″ 7/8 to 36″.

Matfor it’s more than  3000 references of Tools in stock.

New Bits

For water wells, geothermy, geotechnic, foundations

Rebuilt Bits / Used Bits

For water wells, geothermy, foundations

Construction Bits

For foundations (micropiles)

Available design features :
 Milled Tooth Type
 Tungstene Carbide Insert (TCI)

Bearings :

See all design features


You are looking for a large diametre  tool or a speciale size tool ?
 Have you though about doing a custom made design reamer  ?

See Custom Made Reamers

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